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New Zealand

As a student in New Zealand, you’ll enjoy focused and personal attention from your teachers as well as access to the latest technology. You’ll develop the skills to work with others, and be equally capable of working independently. You’ll find a lot of variety in the way you’re taught, which keeps the lessons engaging.

New Zealand education maintains a careful balance between practical and theoretical learning. Graduates have the ability to apply their knowledge and skills to the real world and reap the rewards.

New Zealand offers international students a fair mix of both worlds. It has some of the most sophisticated and economically advanced cities in the world coupled up with the excitement that is common to a diversified culture. Students who are keen to enhance their employability on the global scale are choosing New Zealand as their destination to expand knowledge and further enhance their skills. Statistics show that on average,100,000 students apply and receive admission in New Zealand higher learning institutions. They are attracted by the safety of the country, the low-cost plus high quality of life, and the low population of slightly above 4 million friendly persons.

New Zealand has a student visa policy that allows international students who have completed their curriculums to obtain a 12 months work permit. This makes it easy for students to remain productive as they seek permanent jobs that equal permanent residency. By working immediately you are through with your course, you also get the chance to recover the amount that you spend on your tuition fees. Visa application processes in New Zealand are the most outright you will find for any country admitting international students. For every denied visa application, applicants are presented with a chance to explain their situation. There are also no personal interviews held during visa application.


  • Very low cost of living and studying
  • International British based education system
  • World-Class Universities & colleges
  • 15 years of education is acceptable
  • Global employment prospects
  • Very diverse cultural environment
  • Safe and secure
  • Up to 3 years Open Post-study Work Visa.
  • PR (Permanent Residency) opportunity.


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