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Race Educare Pvt. Ltd. is more of mindset than of an institute. This mindset of inspiring trust, possessing integrity, providing quality and harboring unswerving commitment, has led us to the pick of success. Our exalting reputation, even amidst the boundless proliferation of educational consultancies, advocates that we have been able to provide the facilities required for the satisfaction of customers.

For innovative and skill generating education, students require fundamental knowledge of advanced technologies. At Race Educare Pvt. Ltd. You feel very comfortable with ultramodern technologies waiting for you. To address the growing demand of students, and for the efficiency of larger number.

We have been managing two institutes simultaneously. Race Educare Pvt. Ltd. is located in very prime locations .i.e Anamnagar-32, Nepal. Here you can browse through the Universities worldwide in no time with help of computers available in our computer labs. Our library provides you diverse range of books and latest journals as well as supporting materials to enhance your skill for critical and creative reasoning.

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