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Student Exchange Program

This program focuses on the foreign students who visit Nepal and are in the interest of acquiring more knowledge about the vivacity of Nepalese culture and traditions during their stay. The colourful history of Nepal is rich not only in terms of geographical variation but also in terms of its cultural heritages and diversities of living style. To enter into the ocean of Nepalese society, foreign students need to have awareness of both cultural differences and geographical distance.

Students from every part of the world are encouraged to join Race Educare in order to grasp the opportunity of having a picturesque vision of the diverse geographical and cultural settings of Nepal.


  • To promote an awareness and understanding of cultural differences through experiential learning.
  • To encourage the spirit of friendship between foreign students and Nepalese people.
  • To develop a new skill, gain confidence, and a new perspective on life.

Cultural Eco-Tour

Travelling broadens the mind.

The main objectives of this program are to provide opportunities to those interested in gaining experiences of a new and different world and to promote a better understanding between different cultures.

Nature of the program

The program will have three phases. Each phase will direct the participants to different types of activities that will help the participants to have broad knowledge about the diversities prevailing in Nepal.

i)Orientation Phase:

During this period participant will have an opportunity to know each other as well as the staff of Race Educare Pvt. Ltd. We will discuss the philosophy behind the program and its schedule. They will also get knowledge about basic health care in Nepal. Before the participant moves to host family, he/she will be given a brief orientation about the selected family as well as some necessary cultural tips.

  1. ii) Language orientation, homestay, and Lecture service

During this period, the participants will be given Nepali language classes. This will be followed by talks on different subjects related to the host country. A city tour will be arranged, including a visit to some important places in Kathmandu and Pokhara. During this time, participants will stay with Nepali families who are interested in having foreign guests for the cross-cultural experience. The participants will have the ample opportunity to learn about Nepal, gain both theoretical and practical experiences by observing and participating in the family.

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