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Quality education gives knowledge of the fundamental values of life. Let’s explore the possibilities around the world through Race Educare. We are always and ever committed to providing the best guidance and helping students to explore their potentialities for better opportunities. We believe in integrative education that goes beyond mere reproductive education and explores speculative knowledge.

Race Educare was established with the vision of providing quality education and educational services to Nepalese students who are competitive and eligible enough to qualify their caliber successfully at the international level. We have envisioned a bright future for our country with the young generations aspiring to study abroad since they are the property of the nation in the coming days. Improving our educational standard, which results in the production of reliable human resources, who can contribute to building the nation, is our ultimate goal.

We strive to be recognized both nationally and internationally as one of the best educational organizations. Since we are in the knowledge that our existence depends upon the quality of service that we deliver, we are always at our best to satisfy more and more customers.

As we represent the most renowned colleges and universities around the globe, it becomes our responsibility to provide the best of our services for aspiring and deserving Nepalese students who are trying to study abroad.

Modern world is the world of technology. Minus knowledge of these advanced technologies, promotion of educational standards is unimaginable. With a view to following the worldwide trend, Race Educare has always supported the well implementation of technical educational programs. Furthermore, we are vehement in our approaches to boost the critical thinking, analytical power, and creativity of our students that are availed with a unique atmosphere and ultramodern technologies.

Time, that flies once, comes back not.

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