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Ultimately, you have come to the ultimate destination. What a blissful moment! You are almost in never-never land. Here ends your quest for a career opportunity permanently. This is the right place from where miracles start taking place on the practical ground. If you are overwhelmed at the sight of prosperous career opportunities, be sure you are on the threshold of Race Educare. Thousands of doors are opened here that would definitely lead you to the optimum prosperity of your career in the womb of a far-off future. We are sure you have come here, but not to go back.

Race Educare offers you a very heartfelt welcome to the auspicious moment of your career. Let us browse through the splendor of Race Educare on this occasion.

Race Educare registered with the Government of Nepal was established in 2011. As an authorized representative of several foreign universities, Race Educare has often been endowed with the philosophy that education in cross-cultural situations is fundamental to the emergence of global concepts in this 21st century.

Though physically situated in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, we have been successful in winning the unquestioned popularity amongst the majority of career-oriented youths from every part of the nation. It is a matter of pride for us to announce that most of the renowned universities from different parts of the world show their vested- interest to appoint us as their authorized representative.

We are a team of professionals strongly committed to providing outstanding support for deserving candidates. We provide service, not promises. Knowledge is a matter of cultivation and Race Educare always aims at exploring the caliber from within the potential individuals that would lay, eventually, a foundation for the prosperity of the whole nation with a fully-fledged educational environment. 

At Race Educare Pvt. Ltd. you will enjoy a perfect democratic environment. Where information is concerned, our total mechanism is oriented to satisfy you with the best of services available. Our services start right from counseling about the selection of Universities that would benefit the academic and financial background of students as well as their area of interest. We facilitate you with the knowledge of the totality of processes such as language courses, the application process, authentic documentation, orientation about Visa acquisition, and whatnot.

The principle, of survival of the fittest, is the emergence of the modern materialistic world. To be sure, Organizations in Developed countries do not compromise with less than the best. Race Educare Pvt. Ltd. had foreseen its position at the top since the establishment period. Unless and until we had a specific vision and the creative body of professional individuals to support it, we would not have exploited the confidence of various renowned international Universities.

Our long-term vision, ornamented with unfailing commitment and success-oriented steps, resulting in the good implementation of scheduled programs, has hastened their steps to us. They have witnessed our untiring effort to facilitate the entry of Nepalese students into their Colleges and Universities.

Representatives from foreign Universities feel very comfortable with the location of both, EDUC Race Educare Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu, since we are in a prime location in Nepal. With a network spread over seven countries i.e. US, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, Japan, and a total of over 200 Universities on the representation roster, Race Educare Pvt. Ltd. has a setup that is able to offer students more and more options as far as institutions, majors, scholarships and destinations are concerned.

These days, large numbers of educational consultancies have mushroomed and claimed themselves to be up to the mark. Notwithstanding the fact, we have become the order of the day. Our achievement records in the past, creative marketing strategy with team spirit at present, and viable planning for the future, are remarkable features to accelerate the interest of well-known Universities around the world.

Life indeed would be dull if there were no difficulties.

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